Time for a new Plan A
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“Plan A” for generating predictable retirement income used to be easy—simply de-risk a client’s portfolio by moving from stocks to bonds as they approached retirement and then they could live off the interest. As interest rates have fallen, that’s no longer the case.

DPL’s turnkey insurance management platform for RIAs enables fiduciary advisors to:

  • Explore and compare Commission-Free annuities designed to deliver a secure, lifetime income stream
  • Provide the predictable income clients want and need in retirement, as well as greater peace of mind
  • Provide Commission-Free solutions they can integrate into their planning software and bill on

Ready to remove worry and uncertainty from your clients’ retirement plans? Learn more about how DPL works with advisors like you.

“Instead of thinking of retirement as stocks and bonds, think about retirement as stocks and annuities.”

Wade Pfau Wade PfauHead of Retirement Research
The American College

Getting started with annuities is easy with DPL.

DPL offers a range of annuities for fiduciary advisors that can address income needs, sequence of returns risk and deliver other meaningful benefits when used thoughtfully in a financial plan:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Principal protection against market downturns
  • Mitigation of sequence of returns and longevity risks
  • Client peace of mind and increased happiness1

And Commission-Free annuities can be integrated into your portfolio management and planning software, giving you visibility into the asset, enabling you to model it in the plan, and making it easy to bill your fee.